What are you waiting for?

· 1 min read

I think I was six years old. I was walking home after a full day at school as a first-grader when a thought popped into my head: I have ten more years of this before I go to college. Then I'll finally be a real person. The thought was terrifying but comforting. Yes, it's a long time, but the outcome will justify any misfortune I might have along the way. So I waited.

Then one day, when I was sixteen, I thought to myself during my first week in college: I have four more years of my undergraduate studies followed by two more years to get my master's degree. I was sure the effort was going to be worth it. Rumors were I should be able to build a successful career upon my graduation. So I waited.

And then, I turned 22, moved to the US, graduated, and started my career. It took another five years to stabilize my immigration situation. The outcome I waited for so patiently and fearfully.

Each time the triumph lasted for a couple of weeks, replaced by a more familiar feeling of waiting for the next thing. If only these experiences were unique to me. My friend told me his euphoria only lasted for two months after receiving foreign country citizenship he worked so hard for. I know a guy who's stressed about his career and seriously believes he can relax once he has earned enough money to buy a yacht. Another person is hooked on psychotherapy and is waiting to get completely "fixed" before finally starting her life.

Take a moment. Hear the disembodied whisper in your head: "You are almost there. Just one more thing and then...". Then what?  What if I told you that you are already the person you always wanted to be. There's nothing on the other end, just another thing before the next.

We spend 99% of our lives waiting. So what is it you are waiting for?